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Introduction :
Dr. Memon received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at New York Institute of Technology. He completed his Family Medicine Residency at University of California, Riverside where he was awarded Intern of the Year. He completed his specialty training in Sleep Medicine at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, which is one of the most prestigious programs in the nation. He is board certified with the American Academy of Family Physicians for Family Practice and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Memon enjoys Academic Medicine. He has won numerous Research Awards, including first prize in California Academy of Family Medicine, 2nd prize at Michigan Academy of Sleep Medicine and Researcher of the Year Award at UCR.

He specializes in seeing adult and children patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing (Sleep Apnea), Restless legs syndrome, Insomnia, Parasomnia and Hypersomnolence.

Special Interests :

Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi

Special Interests include: Preventive Medicine, Inpatient Medicine, Sports Medicine, Sleep Medicine.

He cares for children, teens, adults and geriatric populations.

Listen to Dr. Memon’s podcast about sleep medicine here.

Assistant Clinical Professor at University of California, Riverside School of Medicine


Talha Memon
Talha Memon, MD

Talha Memon Partner

Talha Memon Partner